Why do we put up with this BS?

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  1. And this is what our fighting men and women died for, for assholes to desecrate the flag. I call it treason

  2. Dont get me going!
    One thing I can’t stand is the desicration of the “Symbol of our Nation. As they say “Love it or leave it!
    in 1989 I participated with hundreds in a similar PROTEST but it was to remove the US Flag off the floor of Chgo’s Art Institute where for arts sake you were invuited to stand on the flag to note your comments on the wall behind it.
    An (unmentionable) so called artist named Scott Tayler aka. “Dread Scott” had entered it in a student art display.
    Thanks to than Mayor Daily, it was removed a couple of days later.

    “God Bless America”

  3. Sad isn’t it.

    • Its more than sad. It is evil.

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