Are You Kidding Me?

Illinois State Elegance

Illinois State Elegance (Photo credit: Michael J. Linden)

Last night Peggy and I attended a Tea Party meeting and heard some wonderful speakers. Among them were two candidates for Congress in new districts that stretch from Chicago to Frankfort. Don Peloquin (R- Blue Island) is going against Bobby Rush, and Brian Woodward (R- Kankakee) is up  against Jesse Jackson Jr.  Just how did Jesse Jr. escape prosecution when Blagojevich didn’t is not clear. Better yet, how did conservative Will County become attached to Cook County and Chicago? We are thirty five miles southwest of the heart of Chicago, and twenty miles from the closest border of the city. When Liberals want to use the Constitution to their advantage they do, and after the 2010 Census they redistricted to their advantage in order to destroy the Republicans in WIll County. When liberals don’t believe in the Constitution like the First and Second Amendments they trash the document as useless paper written by a bunch of old guys who talked funny. Both candidates face a tough challenge against a strong democrat machine convinced they are infallible, and  thus cannot be defeated.

Speaker Judy Ogalla gave insight into the proposed third airport for Chicago. She is a long-standing member of STAND (Shut This Airport Nightmare Down). She and her group have battled the state to keep family farms from unlawful takeover  by Illinois. Did I just say the State is unlawful? How could that possibly be? Ask George Ryan former governor. You may contact George in prison. The Illinois Department of Transportation regularly threatens residents with eminent domain when the property in question has never been declared necessary for an airport, or anything for that matter. In the meantime, the out of money State continues to pour borrowed money into an unapproved project. WHY? Could it be that Jesse Jackson Jr. is flexing his muscle to get votes, or is he out to make a fast buck?

During the break, I spoke to Tuck Marshall a former candidate for Township Board. He is also a certified firearms trainer. I asked him if he had any classes coming up, because I now had my FOID (Firearm Owners Identification) and want to take the next step. Before I could say another word, he asked if Peggy had a FOID? Why would she need one, she will not even come into the same room with a gun? The Answer: If I leave home and she is in the house alone with a firearm, and she is not registered she commits a felony. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You mean the State of Illinois will put cuffs on a little old lady for living in a house with a firearm that she hasn’t even got a clue about where it is kept? Yep.

I wonder how many of the murderers in Illinois had a FOID and a spouse who did too? Illinois is 90% democrat and democrats like to tell you how to live.

Stupid is as stupid does, It is the Progressive way.

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  1. I hate to break this, but probably the reason you (and I) are Tea Party members is because the decennially occurring redistricting is allowed by the Illinois Constitution to happen exactly as it did. The idea (back then) was to attempt to insure a Republican dominated Statehouse. OOPS! Did no one consider that gerrymandering goes both ways? Now we live for at least ten years with this abortion. Will County, Welcome to Chicago!

    • I have decided that I will look at this as an opportunity to save the people of Chicago from a new form of slavery called Taxery.

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