How Many Birth Certificates Can One Man Have?

The Obama birth certificate issue is one that will not go away. It is like a bacterial infection that has not been completely killed. It keeps coming back to make you sick.

The birth certificate of the current fraudulent President of the United States of America is one of those infections. A new article arrived in my e-mail basket this morning from a website called The Power Hour. In this post, they show a birth certificate for one Barack Obama from a hospital in Kenya. The document looks verifiably authentic. Along with the certificate is a sworn statement by a Kenyan who compares this certificate to his own and he swears the  form is identical, and authentic. Kenyans are working hard to prove the most powerful man in the world  belongs to them.

Visit this link to view what looks to be the “real birth certificate.

After you view the certificate take this poll to register your opinion:

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  2. […] How Many Birth Certificates Can One Man Have? ( […]

  3. […] How Many Birth Certificates Can One Man Have? ( […]

  4. The United States could not handle the uprising that would occur if BHO was removed from office. Even though that is the only way that the REPUBLIC we used to have, could be saved. We don’t have enough politicians with GONADS willing to do their jobs to save this once Great Country.

    • They are among the pigs feeding from the troughs of socialism. Any intrusion on their jobs will cause them to lose Obama Bucks.

      • The greatest welfare recipients in the USA, are ATTORNEYS, BANKERS, and POLITICIANS. They have one thing in commom, they produce nothing TANGIBLE and continue to feed on the sweat of those who DO.

        • Amen!

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