Do You Eradicate a Disease, or Just Push It Back?

Some of my friends tell me they tire of hearing all the bickering going on about the debt ceiling, withholding taxes, and general business in Washington. They are sick of hearing the barrage of news from the opposite ends of the political spectrum. They want to see and hear a middle ground. Most of these people are Democrats. They argue with me that the constant bashing of Obama and his minions is forcing them to lean away from the middle toward uber-liberal Left.

I agree about the amount of bashing going on, it isn’t pretty. I absolutely don’t agree that the arguments make me want to lean toward the left, I am the polar opposite. An analogy popped into my tired old brain today, and I must bore you with it.

When dealing with a disease like HIV, small pox, chicken pox, polio, diphtheria, etcetera, the disease fighters do not look for a cure that will allow them to go middle ground. They want to eradicate the disease completely, worldwide. Even Leftists agree with the approach. Disease fighters have a very good track record at eliminating diseases. Small pox is gone, diphtheria is unheard of, polio a memory, and so on. What my argumentative colleagues don’t see is that the political extreme of leftism is a disease. Socialism does not work, yet proponents continue to foist it upon the rest of us. I see socialism as a disease worse than small pox. Eradication from Earth is the only positive cure. Worse yet, Socialism without God is communism, and I am old enough to know what the communists did to Europe after WWII. I still have relatives in former communist countries who live the way they did in 1940. Socialism will set the world population back, or at least freeze it at its current status much like Islam did to the middle east in the 12th century.

I believe that the Obama bashing I, and all the others do is trying to eradicate a disease running its course through humanity. There is no room for a middle ground at this point, the right must push the left back to zero if we are to return to a civilized middle ground that allows rational debate, compromise, and civilized discourse to occur. I also believe that the country is so divided at this point that another civil war, much like the one of the 1860’s, looms ahead as a possible solution.

The 2012 choice will be telling. If the country gives the communist leaning Obama another four years to carry out his brand of change, the United States will die. The USA will be in the history books as another has been super power. On the other hand, if the country elects a true conservative, there is a chance for the complete survival of a society based on a Constitution, a belief in God, the Rule of Law, and Liberty for all.

So all my friends who are sick of the Obama bashing going on by the right leaning Tea-Party people, put your brains into gear  and decide for yourselves what kind of system you want to live under because the 2012 election is about that.

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  1. Grumpa Joe,

    I agree with much of what you write in this post. A couple of observations from someone who is not an expert, but has an opinion. Your left-leaning friends only say that the bashing is pushing them to Obama because it gives them an excuse to support him…and they already do support him and his nanny state philosophy. People on the right just give them what they think is the excuse they need to justify their progressive views. It salves their conscience. I don’t know who these people you speak of are, so I cannot ascribe motives to their assertions. One (meaning me) might be lead to assume that they may be part of the “I want government to take care of me” crowd that seems to be growing as fast as this nation’s “gimme” programs are. On the other hand, they could be lost lambs looking for a shepherd who have unfortunately hitched their little wooly wagons to a politician who promises much, delivers little, and whose agenda would make us all subservient to Big Brother. It doesn’t help that the vast majority of the media continue to back Obama in spite of concrete evidence of his socialist program. Unfortunately, I fear that your disease analogy will be lost on them.

    As for the civil war you predict, I beg to disagree. I don’t disagree about the division. It has an eerie resemblance to the period of the late 1850’s and into 1860 (yes, I was there then) with politicians physically assaulting each other on the floors of Congress. Liberal was liberal, and conservative was conservative and only the Civil War ended that period of division. The division, meanness, bigotry, irrational hatred and vitriol are once again with us, but a mass exodus of entire states and the firing on American forts and military is not very likely. This country is much better prepared to squash any significant uprising I’m thinking. I cannot imagine either another American Revolution 1776 style or another Civil War (by the way, in much of the South it was known as the Second American Revolution back then) because of our military. One additional factor in my mind is that so many people are dependent upon our government that I don’t believe we can count on them for help. I wish I knew how this Crisis period was going to end, but then that might take all of the fun out of it.

    In my opinion, if we are going to have another Revolution, it’s going to have to be that voters finally get their heads out of wherever they are right now and realize that a government that can give you everything you want can just as easily take it away. Check out certain European nations that are experiencing that very thing. I won’t name names, but the country’s initials are G-R-E-E-C-E. It’s called finally having to pay the piper, or finally having to pay that multi-billion dollar VISA bill…with insufficient income. Ours is in the trillions! What a number! One trillion-that’s 1,000 Billion! Who is eventually going to pick up our tab?

    So, what can voters do? They could (but likely won’t) throw out every single member of the House, one third of the Senate and the Chief Executive. After all of the newbies get to D.C. the voters make it clear that if they don’t get the country’s act together, they will be replaced in two years. No more lifetime passes to power and wealth. Alas…another pipe dream…with the left turning the words “right” and “tea” into vulgar, dirty words we have an uphill battle.

    • Great retort, I wish I could express myself as eloquently as you. Thanks for the comment.
      Lately, I have been thinking about the mechanics of a revolution, and agree that we the people would be blasted to kingdom come by the same government that currently decries Syria for killing a 100 good citizens for revolting. A current rumor concerns Dept of Homeland Security equipping local police with military quality weapons and vehicles to overturn any uprising that may occur in our towns. What a mess. If we don’t turn out at the poles enmasse to end this situation we are doomed.

  2. Socialism = Communism = Obamaism. If the American people don’t wake up before November, 2012, then America as it used too be will never return. There are to many SHEEPLE on the government dole who have no idea what freedom really is.

    • Chuck I totally agree. Thanks for your comment.

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