Hockey Stick Data

     By now most of us are fully convinced that Global Warming as a function of our burning fossil fuel is a bunch of baloney. The scenario was contrived by a very dishonest scientist. In his zeal to convince us to do something quickly, i.e. to stop the temperature of the earth from climbing; he lost it. The data didn’t support his premise. To save face, he contrived a mathematical algorithem to create the famous hockey stick curve. His conclusion: If we didn’t do something really fast the earth would burn up, and so would we.

     Our president is a quick learner. He too had problems with convincing us that the cost of health care would go down, quality would go up, and we will live longer under Obama Care. His data didn’t support the cost issue just as the global warming guys didn’t have data to support their claims. That didn’t stop Obama; he forged ahead by giving the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) a skeletal plan for analysis. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we would have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it?

     The CBO gave Obama the hockey stick curve he and his gangster administration needed to pressure the Congress into voting for a pig in the poke. The rest of us knew, based on common sense, that the new bill would break the bank.  Obama and the Congress don’t use common sense they use CBO figures.

     Little by little, we are getting snippets of news about how the CBO is revising what the bill will cost. Now that they have the real bill and can read it, they can make closer predictions about the cost.

     Hockey sticks are used by ice hockey players to shuttle the puck around the ice to the goal. In our case the President used it to shove an unaffordable law up our ass.

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  1. Ha! Love the visual. The non-sense and dishonesty that spews out of this administration is legion. Ideas (and elections) have consequences, and now we are reaping what we sowed in 2008… Ugh!

  2. Obama wants to break this country and he will do anything to accomplish his goal. This Muslim Communist must be stopped,

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