How Can We Let This Happen?

The population of the USA is somewhere around three hundred and thirty million people.  Yet a recent report shows that one-third of the population is driving the remaining two-thirds. How can two hundred and twenty million be pushed around and controlled by one hundred and ten million?  Is it me, or is it circumstance that the ten states are all democratic. All of theses states have adopted the take care of everybody and give them more political philosophy that keeps politicians in office. Isn’t it funny that none of these guys and gals are poor like the rest of us.

There are ten states on the  verge of bankruptcy. California boasts of a law that requires a balanced budget, but they are still able to spend more than they take in. My own state of Illinois, where Barack Obama learned how to be a politician, is in dire trouble. We are facing a fifty percent increase in  income tax. I know that the tax will be increased right after the next election, but all that will do is give our leaders in Springfield an open check book to spend more. Where does it end? In the meantime, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Florida are asking the federal government for bailouts. In other words, they want the remaining forty, fiscally responsible states, to pay for their reckless spending habits. By the way, my credit card is maxed out, can you help me pay it off?

In coming elections, I will work against incumbents, and vote for new people, especially those without experience in politics. I will also look for people who are non-lawyers.  What can I lose?

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  1. [I will also look for people who are non-lawyers. What can I lose? ]

    That’s the paradox of politics. We don’t want lawyers to represent us, but the main job of Congress is to write laws.

    • I’d like to believe that you have a point, but the bills aren’t being written by our representatives. Our reps don’t even read them. As lawyer as they are, they don’t understand the damn things. Have you read HR3200? I have. I would rather pick up a book by Socrates in the original Greek. I would understand more.
      I believe that bills written by common folk in simple english would make better sense.

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