A Shot Rang Out

A sharp noise shot through our house. Peg looked up from the kitchen and asked  “what was that.” I sat at my desk, and asked her “what was that.”  We searched the house for broken windows. Often a bird will run into a window and break his neck. No birds, no broken windows. We talked about the noise and tried to understand what it could have been. It definitely sounded like glass being broken.

Later in the day, Peg  noticed some shiny stuff on the carpet in the living room. She looked up to the glass table and screamed, “Joe come quick. Look at this.”  I came and looked, “That’s the noise we heard Peg.”

Our contemproary end table has a glass top with four stainless steel legs glued to it.  A huge crack separated one leg from the remainder of the table. The shiny stuff on the carpet was shattered glass dust.

Cracked Glass Table Made by Progressive Furniture

Peg was furious and called Darvin immediately. We bought all of our living room tables from them less than four years ago. This end table is one of four pieces we have. Darvin furniture looked up our purchase and told us their warranty is only good for one year, there is nothing they will do about it. Peg asked to speak to the manager.

A short time later, the manager from Darvin Furniture called, and reiterated what we were told earlier. I asked him if we could buy a replacement. No, the table is no longer made. “Okay, can you tell me who makes the table? “Progressive Furniture from Ohio. I sent them an e-mail asking if they could help out with a replacement, I attached a photo as evidence. It’s been six weeks since I sent it.  They have not replied.  So much for customer service.

Today, Peg and I took a photo of the broken table to Tinley Glass. I am hoping they can replace the top.  The lady behind the counter looked at the picture  and said, “come with me.”  She walked us to a table they took in for repair. It was the exact same table. The glass was cracked in the exact same spot. They could have been twins. Now what are the chances of that happening?  How much of a coincidence is it that two totally different people bring in the exact same model of table with a crack in the exact same location, to the same glass company for repair, at the exact same time in history?

Up til now, I suspected that Progressive Furniture had a defect in the product, now I am absolutely sure of it.

By the way, the cost to replace the top is 1.5 times  more than the original cost of the table.

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