Octolady Meets Nancy

I’m still upset by Nancy Pelosi hiding two hundred million dollars for contraceptives into the spending bill. Last week, I got further angered by Octolady giving birth to eight kids. Since both of these ladies are from California it would be great if they got together to share experiences. Nancy could give Octolady some real life guidance on the facts of life.  Nancy could also give the attending implant doctor a condom to pull over his head.  I don’t want that guy to infect anybody else with his warped reasoning about impregnating single women. It wouldn’t surprise me if Nancy added Octolady’s child care into the stimulus bill. Now that would create a few jobs, wouldn’t it?

When a woman decides she wants to be a Labrador Retreiver and give birth to litters instead of children, and the liberals are stupid enough to want to care for her puppies, let them pay for it. Leave the rest of us out of it.

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