Day 73-SIP-It’s Over

It’ll be different writing a post everyday without the thematic SIP status. Yesterday our town of Frankfort, IL officially opened the businesses in town thus ending the Stay in Place order. As I rode my two wheeled convertible through the town on the bike path I saw Kansas street blocked with concrete barriers we often see in front of US embassies around the world. The Village fathers agreed to donate the street to the resident restaurants, three of them, a place to serve meals. It was cool to see the colorful umbrellas dotting the streetscape. There were actually people there too, even though it was still the middle of the day. Our residents are hungry for food and socialization. The servers wore masks.

A quick check of the verified Covid infections in our county is down again and hopefully diminishing to zero. The bike path was very crowded with bikers, strollers, and walkers. Everyone seems happy, but were still cautiously hugging the edges of the path to maintain distancing. How easily we were trained, and no one dangled a piece of cheese in front of us to get us to behave that way. I guess the prospect of death is more effective than cheese.

The temperature today is a bit chilly compared to the week gone by. It will keep me in the house until the sun warms things up to the seventies at least. I have my eye on a patch of wild strawberries that is invading my yard. I am paying for last summer’s neglect. I proudly bragged to my friends last year that I didn’t pull a single weed and thus the garden reverted to what it does best, it grew. The trouble with letting it go is that what grew best were what I call native perennials, sometimes referred to as weeds. June is rumored the peak growing season in our horticultural zone 5, and it is proving the rumor. I can see things that look ugly growing taller as I walk by them. The amount of work required to neaten things up is exponential as the sun shines longer each day. As long as I am looking at things in this manner the funk will not invade my psyche like it did yesterday. Thank you Lord for getting me through yesterday.

Later this afternoon we will watch the second attempt to launch our astronauts into space. The weather last Wednesday was not correct for a safe launch so it was scrubbed. The prediction at this moment is a fifty percent chance of the rocket firing for the same reason, i.e. conditions are not optimum.

What makes this space launch special is that it is being done by a private company and not the government. When NASA launched, the success rate was very high and we, the population. actually got bored with the missions. Now that SpaceX is doing the deed, we again think it is exciting. Probably because we like fireworks and the idea of watching a billion dollar rocket blow up is thrilling. Space flight development is no different than ordinary flight development during the age of the Wright brothers. The simple difference is that building a kite is much simpler than building a control-fired bullet the size of the Empire State building. Although, at the time Orville and Wilbur Wright took as much care in proceeding as does SpaceX. Another difference is that Orville and Wilbur kept things quiet. I think because they didn’t want to excite authorities to their amusements on the beach and cause them to be sent to the looney bin for endangering the sea life along the Atlantic shores. In today’s scene the lunacy is trusting a for profit company to be in charge. How do we know that each part of the assembly was made to rigid specifications by certified US vendors, and not by a Chinese vendor who cuts corners, uses materials that are less than pure, and certifies to doing things right, and is the lowest bidder?

While all this goes on America burns. I am sure the latest uprising is fueled by politics, but executed by blacks who like to jump at any opportunity to destroy and kill whitey. I watched the video of the Minneapolis policeman with his foot on the neck of a man who was being apprehended. It appeared to me that the guy was down and in hand cuffs he didn’t need to be restrained by a jackboot between his head and shoulders. It was extreme to say the least. What incites the blacks is when their idea of justice is not practiced, They would have wanted the policeman who was responsible for that treatment to be immediately apprehended, tried, found guilty and executed in the street within a few minutes of the event. Anything short of that is cause for riots, looting, burning and killing all across the country. What is even sadder is that we have police who take out their frustrations on victims with brutality. When the victim is black, the brutality factor seems to escalate by several factors of ten. I will never volunteer to be a policeman. The job gets worse and worse. These guys are expected to be psychologists and warriors who can determine in split seconds the difference between someone who is resisting arrest legitimately, or someone who is resisting with the intent to kill you, and escape to kill someone else too.

Minneapolis Riots, May 29, 2020

Though we have been conditioned in a mere seventy-two days to become docile COVID prisoners our attempts for the last one hundred and fifty-five years to treat blacks like humans has failed. Will it ever happen? I don’t know, but I believe we have a better chance of developing a vaccine for COVID-19 before we find a way to live with blacks.

A Sign of Distress

Day 30-Quarantine-Target On My Back

Wow! The news today has certainly shifted from reporting how many deaths are occurring due to COVID-19 to how soon can we stop the madness created by shutting down the economy. Let the political bickering begin. At least for the past thirty days we didn’t have to endure the constant Trump bashing and democrat accusations about Trump killing people with his new weapon COVID-19. The joke of the day is VP Joe Biden accusing Trump of not taking any responsibility for all the deaths. If anyone in the country took responsibility, it was Trump. He shut off the flights from China, Europe and caused the commerce in our country to nosedive. He warned early on that we would reach a point where a dead economy will cause more harm than the virus, He worked and still works diligently to provide resources to all the fifty lame-ass states that were caught unprepared to handle their citizens. Blame, blame, blame is all I hear today. All of it points at Trump. None of the blame belongs to him.

There is an important fact that we must all remember from our second year high school civics class, i.e. States Rights. Each State is in charge of keeping their residents safe from harm and to provide essential services. States do an outstanding job with police, firemen, and EMT’s but it all stops there. Ask any governor how much he budgets for emergency management. Most likely it is a number close to zero, or the salary of the Emergency Management Czar he appointed to the job.

Democrats place blame on Trump for everything, Republicans accuse him of redistributing the wealth better than a socialist. There doesn’t seem to be any happy medium. In the meantime the president continues to do what he believes is important which is to save our ass from the grave and to restart the engine that drives us all.

The one thing I want to see happen is a continued effort to test people for COVID. I saw a news bit yesterday that praised the Iranians for inventing a COVID meter that detects the virus within 100 meters. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

What a great idea if it really does exist. If it does, why did Iran have to dig mass graves to dump all the COVID bodies? Since I’m in the target age group the virus loves to kill I am concerned. All of  you going back to work with strong immunity and me without any. All I have is social distancing and face masks. I figure by the time we finally get a vaccine for COVID, ninety percent of seniors will be feeding daisies.

My experience with a virus that does not have a vaccine goes back to the polio era of the nineteen thirties to the the nineteen fifties. For twenty years all we had were guidelines, stay away from crowds, stay away from beaches, stay away from people who had it. I don’t remember how many more there were. What I do know is that I didn’t frequent the beaches and I never congregated in crowds, and I still got it. The funny thing is that none of my family, who I  lived with got it, none of my friends that I hung out with got it, nor did anyone I knew got it. My body just couldn’t resist the damn thing. The same will occur with COVID until the vaccine arrives. Our lives will be a crap shoot, on some days we’ll roll seven, or seven-eleven, and on other days we’ll roll snake-eyes. Life will go on, people will die everyday from a thousand things and some will die from COVID. Now that we know how the big-bad-monster behaves it won’t be as scary.

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