Transforming America

During 2007-2016, my one goal was to bash Obama at every chance. I even published a book of my cartoons and editorial opinions titled “Nightmares from Obama.” When I first listened to Mr. Smooth, I suspected he was a political charlatan. He was definitely a word master. His ability to say many things and make them sound logical and essential was masterful. The one promise he kept declaring during his campaign was that he wanted to transform America. He never, once, told us what he wanted to transform us into.

I am old enough to remember Fidel Castro’s rise to become the Cuban leader. He, too, was famous for his speeches, smooth talk, and promises. Barack emulated Fidel in too many ways. For one thing, Fidel kept his intentions a secret during his campaign. When he finally achieved success, he released his real intent to turn Cuba into a communist state. Obama never came out to declare what he wished the USA to become, but it was clear that he was overly sympathetic to Muslims and Socialists. Even the church he attended was a sign of his leftist leanings.

The internet was loaded with articles about Obama’s Kenyan birthplace, which should have disqualified him from being president, but behind him was an organization that kept those facts away from the public. Before he ran for President, his meteoric rise within the Illinois state government was a tip-off. When he was elected State Senator, the ink was still wet on the ballots when the press asked him if he would run for president. How can someone so obscure rise to the highest position in the land without the backing of many influential people who saw him as their political messiah?

One story that was printed then disappeared almost immediately had Obama visiting the Man’s Country, a gay bathhouse with Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel. His affinity for men is supported by reports from Hawaii, where he was raised and mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying communist. Obama’s Kenyan father eventually returned to Kenya and was given an elite government job. During his tenure with the Kenyan president, the father promoted the idea that Kenya adopt a plan to redistribute wealth. The Kenyan president was wise enough to reject the plan and demoted the father to a menial position. My point is that many clues were pointing at Obama’s transformation plans. If only the press had the balls to follow up and investigate his past. Instead, they chose to become hypnotized by his slick delivery of words that made him sound educated and presidential.

Obama’s cabinet controlled the narrative. They suppressed the need for the press to investigate by putting government-drafted news articles into their hands. Again, the press, whose job is to seek the truth, slept on the job by taking what was handed to them, thus avoiding the need to work. If ever there was a “fake news” distributor, it was Obama.

The whole reason I am telling all of this is that since Biden has been president, Obama has been invisible, that is, until the last couple of months when he suddenly became a voice again. As Biden sinks in the polls, it has become clear to Obama that his puppet Joe will not be president again. What, then, will Obama do to retain his hold on the testicles of the US Government? Whoever that might be, the new man could quickly shelve Obama and his ideas forever.

Congress, the Supreme Court, and Legislative branches cannot fix our problem. The one thing they can’t do anything about is the bureaucracy. Obama infiltrated the bureaucratic agencies with progressive democrats who gladly continue to over-regulate within their non-elected agencies to bypass the Constitution and make things impossible to control. I also believe the entire Bureaucracy should be disbanded (drain the swamp) to reset the government. Whatever chaos and confusion resulting from this action will be worth the benefit. The Lobby industry will be upset, and the cost of doing business will be reduced and confusing until Congress can legislate out the confusion. A significant benefit of draining the swamp is that it will give Congress something worthwhile to do again. They now pass laws to provide the lobbyists with what they want.

Here is what I want:

  1. Banish Obama to Kenya, where he can become King and rule his people.
  2. Disband every Bureaucracy, and begin with a clean sheet of paper.
  3. Put Joe Biden to pasture at one of our best and most comfortable Federal Prisons.
  4. Limit spending on National Campaigns for President, Senate, and Congress to Fifty million dollars. That gives candidates one million dollars per state to spend on campaigning.
  5. Forbid stipends from outside interests to any government member while in office. They get paid enough for what little they do.
  6. A set of national guidelines for elections. The States can pass election laws if they meet the federal guidelines. Define voter eligibility
  7. Winners of National elections must be announced within 24 hours of the vote.
  8. Charge any country that we support with armaments for the stuff we send them
  9. Support only our staunchest allies with military help.
  10. Rewrite our immigration laws:
  11. a. Open all borders to allow free passage in or out / OR
    • b. Reset immigration laws to make them simple and manageable with a limit on the number of people that can enter based on what can be assimilated into the population and the economy.
  12. Settle national abortion based on what is morally correct. Define the moment of conception as the instant the sperm makes it into the egg.
  13. Add Capitalism as the only system the economy will operate under
  14. Prohibit Socialized medicine within the Constitution.