A great analogy using the spider and fly as the characters.

Sleeping With the Enemy

The Wabbits formed a secret alliance with the mice, and took Grumpa Joe by surprise. A battalion of field mice infiltrated Grumpa’s castle. The little creatures burrowed into the insulation under the bay window, and wintered there. Grumpa suspected the mice had infiltrated the castle walls, but had no concrete evidence.

Today, another surprise invasion took place. An army of carpenter ants broke through the walls. Before breakfast, Grandma Peggy, unaware that the ants had allied themselves with the Wabbits, began taking them down.

Grumpa Joe dislikes ants as much as he does the Wabbits. He began a search and destroy mission to find the carpenters. Following their tracks down to the castle dungeon, he came about a cluster of bodies. A spider ambushed the ants, and snared them in his net. The ants became spider food. Looking up, Grumpa Joe noticed a tunnel in the insulation under the bay window. His focus shifted from ants to mice.

Using a ladder and flashlight, Grumpa Joe immediately determined that a battalion of mice camped in the insulation during the winter. He plans a new mission to find the breech in the fortress walls. In the meantime, he spread a chemical repellant to deter the ants.

While Grumpa Joe fought with the ants, and cleaned up the mouse nest, the Wabbits snuck around his flank, and took out his geranium.