Car In My Dreams

Last week I watched a series of Youtube videos on enterprises begun by Elon Musk. In one particular business he showed Tesla making lithium batteries. They looked like a standard D cell. I thought to my self “is the Tesla car running on a shitload of D cells?” It would be interesting to break open a Tesla battery to see what was inside the case. Many times my curiosity has gotten the best of me when disposing of a large rectangular battery. Instead of tossing it I would take it apart. Inside the boxlike case was a series of standard batteries soldered together in series to produce the stated voltage.

This particular video came to mind and I thought why not? Why couldn’t we make a battery powered car by stringing a bunch of standard batteries together and hiding them under the hood and in the trunk?

Are We Complacent To Terror?

Has the world gone numb to terror? The video below suggests that terrorism has become common place and expected. When people write cheery songs about scaring the crap out of others it signals a complacency that happens when bombings no longer scare people. I love a good parody and this trio does a great job of telling us how stupid terrorism really is.