The Gift (A serial, part 7)

The Gift (A serial, part 7)
” Let’s add the tinsel. It adds glitter to a tree,” he told the birds.
“We have to hang each strand carefully. I don’t want Connie to look like the bird nest that is in the top branches near the trunk.”
Morty placed an ornament into the nest. As they hung the strands they continued to hum Silent Night. When the last strand was in place, They stood back and admired their creation. It was Morty’s gift to the Baby Jesus on His birthday. Morty switched on the lights, and Connie came to
“I feel so wonderful,” said Connie, “you made me look beautiful. I hope Baby Jesus likes me.” Morty said to rabbit,  “cover the tree stand to add the final touch.”
The next job was to assemble the nativity scene in a special place. Morty picked a small table right next to the tree. He wanted the nativity to be where he, and all of his friends would easily see it. He cleaned the table, and covered it with his best tablecloth. Lovingly, he placed the stable, and the figures into position on the table. He handled each figure with special care and gentleness. The nativity was complete when Morty put the last lamb near a kneeling shepherd.

To be continued . . . .

The Gift (A serial, part six)

The Gift (A serial, part 6)
Early the next morning, Morty got up, brushed his teeth, combed his curl, and ate breakfast. It was time. He found the tree stand and placed it in the corner of his tiny room. Next, he placed Connie into the stand, and filled it with sugar water to give him strength while he was on duty for the party. Before Morty started hanging the lights, he turned on the boom-box to play Christmas carols just as he promised Connie.
Morty sang with the music as he hung the lights onto each branch, making sure that the spacing was even. The rabbit and the birds helped decorate by hanging the popcorn garland. The sparrow held one end of the garland while the cardinal held it farther down the string. The Chickadee held a third spot. They flew up in unison carrying the garland. Gently, they lowered the popcorn garland onto he branches. The beads came next. Morty could have used Benjamin’s help with these because the beads were too heavy for the birds. Draping the beads to look pretty took great care.
As he worked, he hummed his favorite Christmas carol, “Silent Night,” and taught him the words.
“Si – lent night, Ho – ly night,
All is calm. All is bright.
Round yon Vir – gin Moth – er and child!
Ho – ly in – fant so ten – der and mild,
Sleep in heav – en – ly peace,
Sleep in heav – en – ly peace.”
They sang together as Morty, and his friends hurried to finish, because the celebration is tonight. What a happy group it was decorating the tree for Jesus.
Morty was proud of the way Connie looked when the trimming was done. He had one final ornament to place on Connie’s top stem. Morty asked the birds to carry the shiny star to the very top. He told them to place it on the peak of the tree.
“Well Connie,” said Morty, “you can be proud. You are beautiful and will make Jesus happy on his birthday.

To be continued. . . .