A Muddled Mind

My Father’s Day gift from my daughter-in-law

Today my adventure is to write a post on Google to determine if the screen goes black. Other than dealing with software issues that is the extent of my excitement. I made myself a Caesar salad using kale in place of Romain lettuce. It is delicious that way. After we finished eating, I. and I took a short walk. The weather today was cool, and by the end of the day the clouds broke and things began to warm up. Sixty degrees on the first day of summer is not my idea of comfortable. My idea of summer is blistering hot sun and a high humidity. Most of you probably think I’m nuts for saying that. I have a theory about why some people are affected by weather so much. It all depends on the month he is born. My birthday happens to be in August when it is hotter than hell. I.’s birthday is in February and during the winter she is constantly opening windows to get cool air. My wife Barb was born in July and she loved heat. Peggy was born in April and she couldn’t take heat nor extreme cold. Her idea of great weather was April, and May, or September, and October. What ever the temperature is in my future there isn’t anything I can do about it except to rely on my air-conditioner to keep me comfortable.

I read some pretty spectacular books over the past two weeks. One in particular was The Book of Lost Names, by Kristen Harmel. The story takes place in France during World War Two. The entire story details how the French underground smuggled Jewish children into war-neutral Switzerland. The heroine Eva is a nineteen year old Jewess who tried to escape to Switzerland with her parents, but failed and wound up an ordinary girl doing extraordinary things to save kids from the Nazi scourge. This book kept me reading non-stop and the ending surprised the heck out of me.I gave this read five stars.

My follow-up tome was a non-fiction report about the heroes of Afghanistan during the Obama era troop withdrawal titled Eagle Down, written by Wall Street News reporter Jessica Donati. She chronicles one hero after another doing really extraordinary things to complete missions successfully.

Lastly, one of my hearing aids is slowly dying, and turns itself off every few hours. After more than three years of operation eighteen hours a day the batteries are beginning to lose interest in begging charged. My left unit can’t hold a charge for more than five hours. A short charge of an hour is necessary to get it working aging. In the meantime I live with half of my hearing. What a difference they make in my life. As much as I complain about them I have become dependent on them. It is obvious to me when one shuts off, and suddenly am straining to hear what is being said, not fun.

I’ve wanted to buy a new car for several months now, but am postponing it in favor of getting better hearing aids. Besides the availability of cars at this time is not choice. COVID-19 caused a major hick-up in manufacturing world-wide, and we now see the results in numerous ways. Car shortage, oil shortage, worker shortage you name it shortage and I’ll bet it is related to the COVID shutdown. In the meantime, I pray the Death Star will fire up and continue to get me where ever I need to go.










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What To Do?

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This BLOG has been going through the doldrums, and is slowly evolving into a huge pile of excrement. Grumpa Joe has let his personal life affect his attitude towards most of the enjoyable things in life. When he first initiated Grumpa Joe’s Place his goal was to spread positive thinking, and the merits of personal development. Not long after he opened the doors wonder boy Barack Hussein Obama arrived on the scene by declaring a run for the presidency. Grump Joe saw through him instantly, and spent the next eight years trying to educate the public about the man’s socialist (communist) background. Then, life stepped in, and rolled the dice causing Grumpa Joe to point his priorities into another direction.

Currently, Grumpa is trying to resurrect his motivation toward blogging. He is seriously thinking that Grumpa Joe’s Place is dead. He struggles to point himself into a new direction while also maintaining focus on taking care of his wife. He still has a few faithful followers from whom he would like an opinion. What direction should heĀ take?

  1. Quit, and shut the blog down
  2. Shift the focus to educating the world to the evils of Islam
  3. Focus on writing fake news articles of obvious absurdity
  4. Publish a series of love letters to former girlfriends
  5. Re-publish other people’s work onĀ current affairs
  6. Republish memes by others that satirize politics
  7. Original political cartoons
  8. Original fictional short stories
  9. Travel log of places I have visited
  10. Recipes of favorite foods
  11. A log of personal thoughts about anything or everything
  12. Serialize my book Jun-e-or