Confirmation Day

This was a very emotional day for me. Grumpa Joe was the proud sponsor for his oldest grandaughter’s confirmation. To make matters more emotional, she chose her deceased grandmother’s name for her confirmation name. I thought I was over my grief for my late wife, but not so. The tears welled up in my eyes as the choir sang some of Barb’s favorite music. Had she lived, she would have been the sponsor, I’m sure. If she hadn’t been the sponsor, she would have sung in the choir.

Either way, Barbara was at the mass with Dana and me. Her presence at our side was strong. Barbara was proud of her first grandchild and spent alot of quality time with her as a baby and a toddler. Barb was known as the “street walker of Aberdeen.” Every time she had the baby, she walked the mile to the end of Aberdeen with Dana in the stroller. Every neighbor that saw her stopped her to talk. Everyone was introduced to Dana.

A month ago, during our Lions Strides Walk for Diabetes Awareness, I introduced one of my grandchildren to a friend who lives on Aberdeen. He immediately knew the child because he remembers seeing her grandmother wheeling her down the block in the stroller.

Barbara was beaming in heaven today,  as her first grandchild accepted Catholocism on her own.