Gettin’ Lit With the Lights

There are only 38 days left before Christmas, and the weather tempts me to put up the lights. When the temperature is 60 plus degrees in mid-November, that is the time to decorate the yard with tiny lights, not when the temperature is 10 degrees, and the wind makes it feel like thirty below. But I’m sure I’ll pussy out of the chore and wait for the white stuff to fall and the pond to freeze before venturing out to wrestle with stiff wires and brittle branches. Why don’t I listen to myself? Probably because I have done it the hard way for the past sixty years, and the brain is a glutton for punishment.


It is always fun to get sauced while stringing lights. When it is cold, I fortify myself with a bottle of Scotch to keep my innards warm and my joints loose. Why shouldn’t I get lit along with the lights?

One of the main reasons for stringing lights outside is to brighten the neighborhood. It has been dark for so many hours now that it gets depressing. The light serves to cheer us up and keep moving.

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