Nature’s Trick or Treat

Mother Nature has the Halloween mantra backward: It is Trick or Treat, not Treat or Trick. Last week the weather in Illinois was perfect. Temperatures ranged between 70 to 80 degrees F., at a time when they should have been in the fifties. Today, we have a more normal day for the end of October, it is 31 degrees and snowing. Most likely this may put a damper on kids trick or treating, but I am prepared.

Lovely’s girlfriend just stopped by to give her a couple of cabbages. I am stunned by these things. Two of them filled and strained a shopping bag. They are larger than basketballs. I have heard of giant cabbages grown in Alaska but never in Wisconsin, where these came from. In Alaska, the daylight during summer never quits, and the growth never stops. The farm must have them on steroids. I just ran a tape measure around one, and it measures 32 inches.

I’m hoping Lovely doesn’t get the idea of making stuffed cabbage rolls from them; they will be the size of a chicken. That is the treat we got from her farmer friend on Halloween Day 2023.

This post has been delayed by one day. Today is All Saints Day, not Halloween. The snow and cold definitely put a damper on the number of kids who were tough enough to come out and beg for candy. I counted 41 kids who came by between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

The 24 hour delay in the posting has something to do with running out of data on my phone at the end of the month. Yesterday, I couldn’t send a photo, but this morning they were here.

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