A Debate or a Fumble

Writing is a chore. It was fun at one time, but now I consider it work. I long for the day I wrote my opinion pieces lambasting Obama for his socialist ways. Then it was fun, exposing his transformative ideas stolen from the communist manifesto. I admit he was Mr. Smooth in his delivery and his ability to put people to sleep with his melodic big-word speeches that sounded important but were all loaded with bullshit. It is not the same with Joe Biden. His brand of mumbling through speeches doesn’t appeal to me at all. Besides, I grew up in Chicago, the home of gangsters, and he is definitely one of them. The gangsters are evil, and so is Joe.

In Chicago, A Political Dynasty Nears Its End : NPR

How this guy survived in the Senate for so many years is baffling. How he was ever chosen to be the VP candidate by Obama was equally baffling, except Obama is a crook too, and crooks of a feather must stick together. The biggest mystery to me is how he was ever elected to become president. I know he got more votes than Trump. That’s how. My boyhood was spent reading headlines about the “Machine” politics of Chicago’s Richard Daley. It wasn’t uncommon to have votes coming in very late from wards, which always seemed to lose a bunch of ballots and then mysteriously find them as the count proceeded. The system has been operating this way for as long as I can remember, but no one ever does anything about it. Except for Donald Trump, who finally questioned the veracity of the lost ballots being brought forth in the middle of the night from places no one ever knew existed, did anyone try to end the mystery of how they went missing and how they were found?

The audacity of the man, who is he to have challenged the process so carefully designed and developed over the years to bring home winners? The only way it seemed to beat this process was to be voted in by such an enormous landslide of votes that even the least savvy among us would understand it as a win.

Modern politics is an extravagant stage show by political actors to convince us that their process is fair and democratic. I turned on regular TV last night to watch the Republicans, who all want to become a better president and bring the system down. I’ve been watching debates since Kennedy and Nixon, and this one was the worst excuse for a debate ever. The moderators, three of them, never controlled the show. They explained how they would conduct the show, and then the free-for-all began. In most civil debates, the debaters will take sides and attack or defend the subject. This forum was composed of several candidates, and each was given a chance to answer a question posed by one of the three moderators. The candidate was given time to answer.
Before the debater could answer, the entire stage jumped into the fray simultaneously, attacking him and posing new questions. It reminded me of how when in a football game, a player fumbles the ball. In his attempt to recover, both teams attack him, pushing, shoving, grabbing, digging, and trying to steal the ball to take possession. In a ball game, the referee continues to blow the whistle and summons his co-workers to assist him in determining who really has the ball. The rules dictate that the ref has the final say in the game. It didn’t work that way in the debate. The seven debaters were all speaking rapidly to get their points in. They all shouted to be heard over all the others with the net effect that no one got anything, much less a point, to the audience.

Ozark season 4 part 2 theory: Ruth Langmore killed by newcomer | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

I watched the debate for ten minutes before I switched to Netflix to watch the final episode of Ozark, which is about Mexican drug cartels controlling US Citizens by threatening them with death. The bullet always seemed to settle arguments and disputes. Perhaps we should require that the moderators be armed to help settle disputes and conduct a civilized debate.

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