Commercial Suicide

The world has truly gone crazy. I have a very hard time believing that so many companies are being duped by governments around the planet. Their commitment to company suicide is admirable but assinine. It surprised me when I heard car company after car company climbing onto the bandwagon of switching to electric cars. Have they gone mad?

Actually, when Henry Ford began making cars, he had no idea where the gasoline would come from. There were no gas stations around the country to supply fuel to the suckers who jumped at the chance to buy a motorized wagon. In the movie Field of Dreams, there is a famous line “Build it and they will come.” I guess the entire world now operates on that philosophy. It is not a bad directive, but I would like to believe that there has to be a tiny bit more behind investing billions of dollars in a technology that is still years away from fruition. I give Elon Musk credit for sticking his neck out to build electric cars, but I don’t give GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and the many other car company’s any credit for rushing into this scheme built on the phenomenon of global warming being caused by humans. Yes, global warming can happen but it is far beyond our capabilities to make it so.

My intention with this post is to add to this fray of commercial suicide. I am proposing two of my designs for electric cars free to the world for use by humanity. Both are just as viable as the cars Musk and others are producing. In fact, these designs may be more reliable and cheaper to build than those in current production.

Design number one.

Cheby V110
Diverse Energy Powered Personal Transportation Appliance

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  1. Hopefully your designs will be in commercial production by the time I next change my car 🙂

  2. I like both of them, you may have something here. No EV for me, I like my gasoline and pollutants too much. My Honda CRV got 38 mpg on a road trip to New Mexico, I saw quite a few Tesla’s and other EV’s charging up while still in Texas, so I wonder what that cost the poor Gen-X’ers?? Yes, the car companies are jumping onboard because of social media. SM has the power to make or break a company, as we saw in Busch beer and Disney. Our young’uns ( 20-40) are the ones that are driving this crap, and I damn sure didn’t raise my sons that way, nor did my wife, her daughters. Holidays are skittish, and it’s extra hard on me because I lost all my social filters a few years back. Good post!

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