War with a Caveman Slugger

Why do you blog?

When I first began blogging my goal was to motivate people to achieve their goals. I had read numerous books on self motivation, goal setting, and time management. In addition I listened to tapes by motivational speakers like Zig Ziegler, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dwyer, a Brian Tracy and others. I was pumped. My goal was to write motivational stories incorporating the rules I had learned.

At first, I did exactly as I set out to do with little to no success. Then, the world changed. Obama was nominated by the Democrats to be president of our great country, but then he hit us with his qualifier to transform the country. He kept preaching that he wanted to transform our great country into . . . What? He never answered that question.

That question bothered me. What did he mean? I began reading any and all material related to Obama, his parents, and grand parents. It became obvious to me that his transformation was to make us Communists.

His mother, father, and grandparents on his mother’s side were radical socialists. Which is journalist code for communist.

Obama’s father became a member of the Kenyan government. While in office he proposed a law to redistribute the wealth of the country to the masses. Thankfully, the Kenyan leaders saw through this plan and demoted his father to a very low position in the government.

Obama’s plan was modeled after his father’s failed plan of redistributing the wealth. When he was in office he spent money liberally at every chance.

My motivational blog succeeded in changing my goal to fight the communist front being pushed by Obama instead of trying to motivate Dylan’s like myself to to wonderful things.

My blog posts tried to point out the hypocrisy and stupidity of his administration. One problem I had was the enormous wall put up by the modern press. They believed, and tried feverishly to make you and me believe that Obama was lily white pure. They succeeded in making him Saint Obama and anyone who didn’t go along with the program was stupid and insane. The same press that put Obama on the pedestal turned 180 degrees to oppose Donald Trumps. Now that same press has Joe Biden on the Obama pedestal.

My blog GrumpaJoesPlace became a raging battle between me and the world of Obama.

When Joe Biden came into play, I changed the direction of the blog again. Instead of fighting a war I can’t win, I’ve decided to tone things down, and write about subjects that I have some control over. Occasionally, I lose it when Uncle and or Joe Biden do something so stupid that I can’t ignore it.

Judging by the way our government is headed I’ll probably be losing my cool frequently in the up coming months.

One thing is for sure, since I changed from bashing Obama, my readership has dropped to one half of what is was when I tried to slug him in the head with a caveman sledgehammer at every chance.

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  1. I find similarities with my own urge to write and express. I had worked for several large corporations. As I grew in seniority and came closer to the decision-making layers I discovered the double-speak. Writing satire gave me a channel to express and vent. Thereafter it grew to cover political leaders, and sometimes religious leaders as well. By then I had also stopped working for large corporations. Never been short of stories 🙂

  2. Yep, Joe, I did the same. I gave up writing about things I can’t change, and it calmed me down and lowered my anger numbers. Obama is a socialist and I believe is in charge still via Biden. Hang on, the next few months may be rough and we’ll see if we can hold our literary tongue’s.

    • I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it.
      Yes I believe O is running the show, I believe he is a communist, and I believe he is queer.

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