Morning in Frankfort

A walk into town this morning revealed lots of activity. It is special for me for two reasons. First it was my first walk into town this year. Usually, I walk this walk several times a week beginning in January.

Second, the annual Frankfort Fall Festival rated in the top ten craft fairs in the country, begins on Friday. Today, however, is the set up for the entertainment venue and food court. My Lions Club will arrive at 5 this evening to set up our Wurst Fest venue. The Wurst Fest kicks off the Fall Festival on Thursday evening with German themed entertainment, food, drinks, and lively fellowship.

Everyone is invited to join us. All it takes is to buy a raffle ticket good for two people to enter. In addition to the grand prize of $10,000 and six lessor cash prizes we will have 50/50 raffles and chances to win any number of liquor baskets and more.

2023-Wurst Fest Venue in Preparation