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A strange question came to mind while listening to a recent newscast. When people speak of diversity and inclusion just what do they mean? What is included in diversity? Are they speaking of race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, religion, medical condition, or political ideology? When we say we must expand diversity what do we mean?

For fun I researched a few ideas. Like how many races worldwide, now many countries, how many religions, how many political ideologies? The mathematical combinations becomes astronomical.

Specific DivisionNumber
Countries in World39—–195
Sexual Orientations9 ??????
Language Spoken12—-7100

In order to estimate the totality of what is included in diversity I would multiply these six numerical divisions by them selves or to put into a mathematical form

Diversity = (195 x 10 x 4000 x 9 x 650 x 7100) = 31,941 x 10 to the tenth power

or, if i multiply the most common diversities factors

Diversity = ( 39 x 10 x 12 x 9 x 8 x 12) = 4,043,520 diverse combinations

This number of combinations is so huge that diversity becomes unimaginable.

So what do we really mean by diversity, and why is it important? I’d say that Disney Studios should define it as bankruptcy, and as far as importance to Disney I’d say it isn’t important at all. If a company goes bankrupt because they try to write stories or remake movies based on diversity that diversity is absolutely not important.

In my estimation the leaders of Disney who have embraced trying to maximize diversity into their casts are nothing more than numbskulls. When I look at the number of possibilities to make something diverse I would select the first number of actors who fit the characters in the scenario and go with it. There would be a ninety percent chance that the cast would be as diverse as the population of the world. Forcing diversity into a story line that takes place in a specific region of the world could make no sense at all. For instance, casting blacks into a story that occurs in Ancient China would make no sense at all. Casting lily white people as black slaves, or American Indians in a story about the French revolution would be equally stupid. Entertainment companies that use diversity as a mainline premise for casting characters is nothing short of lunacy.

Why is there so much pressure on us to make everything diverse? This movement is being led by the same people who are leading us into communism. They have been trying their damndest to convert us into a stupid failed ideology by using any kind of idea they think can divide and conquer.

When we finally convince them that diversity is a bad idea they will reach into their cauldron of evil ideas to sell us something new, but I assure you it won’t be anything new. It will be another failed idea with a new coat of paint. A simpler way to say it is ‘lipstick on a pig.’

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  1. Great question. We are told/ taught that each individual is unique. That makes it 7 billion diverse people. Did someone mention diversity and inclusion?
    What does it even mean?

  2. When they speak of diversity and inclusion they mean they want special constitutional amendments to legitimize their personhood and insanity and then insist on being appointed to high office wherin they can make the most absurd and destructive implementations that will destroy every moral, sensible and pragmatic behaivior upon which the culture and nation has flourished. The real joke of their inclusion crusade is not to include anyone that disagrees with their agenda especially shutting down free speech then smearing people with the most unsavory labels to give no say and no inclusion. Their goal is deinclusion. .

    • I like your logic.

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