A Giant Leap Backward For Mankind

My mind is swirling with data I’ve learned about global warming. My latest fad is to watch youtube videos on almost anything that appeals to me. Last week I came upon a video about permafrost melting in Alaska. This morning I learned that for some unexplained reason the air temperature around the poles is 3 degrees higher than it is around the rest of the planet. Earlier this morning I watched a video of a scientist explaining and showing strange thermal activity going on in Yellowstone park. In my feeble brain the wheels are turning in the direction of a theory. Could it be possible that the man made global warming bull crap is the result of something happening in the Earth’s crust under Yellowstone Park? We are spinning our wheels furiously all around the planet with our smartest overpaid scientists working on theories about everything that can cause Carbon Dioxide to warm the earth and to melt the ice poles, and without being able to measure a tenth of a degree of air temperature rise.

My theory is much less complicated. I hold that the melting of the ice caps is the result of a leakage of molten iron at 6000 degrees Kelvin from the core into the earth’s crust. I can wrap my head around a temperature that high and so close to the planet (like within the planet) that could be the cause of something to worry about. There is evidence that the core is actually shrinking due to a unmeasurable temperature decline and causing earthquakes and volcano eruptions all around the “Ring of Fire” a known ring of connected volcanoes at the perimeter of a tectonic plate that encircles the Pacific ocean extending from the north pole to New Zealand and up north again past Japan to the north pole. What do volcanoes do? They erupt and spew hot molten magma into the atmosphere thus relieving the internal pressure of the plate. Where does the molten lava originate? My guess is that is comes from the 6000 degree hot spot.

Unrelated to this discussion, but related non the less, was a announcement made by my equally demented senior citizen partner, the President of the United States Joe Biden. If ever there was a proposal toward a pork barrel project to spend money on something so foolish is beyond my confused mind to comprehend. In his proposal we would block, or bend the suns rays away from earth to cool the planet. The first thing that comes to my mind is a Polar Vortex, an event that is predicted to happen this winter and will cause us to wish we had a big pile of coal behind our house to burn for warmth. We can’t measure any change in atmospheric temperature large enough to melt an ounce of ice, but we will block the sun from the earth? Come on let’s get real.

Truth be known the science world is basking in their glory over taking credit for fixing the millennium bug Y2K, and the hole in the Ozone layer, but I think they are in over their head on this one. All they have accomplished so far is worldwide panic over eliminating gas powered cars with electric ones that will require burning vast amounts of coal, and natural gas in massive power plants pouring their smoke up, up, and away from our daily sight to another part of the globe where it will combine with moisture and cause excessive amounts of acid rain to damage the environment. Just as in the Y2K era we panicked and traded our antiquated computers to handle four digit years which turned into a good thing world wide. Not because they fixed the bug, but because they increased computing capacity by a ginormous amount. Similarly, the legislated ban on fluorocarbon compound freon in air conditioners and refrigerators was designed to heal the hole in the atmosphere known as the ozone layer. Which by the way, opens and closes naturally every year. What happened was a massive increase in electrical efficiency by the replacement of antiquated appliances. I’m afraid this cure toward the electrical car will bring us the opposite, and become a giant leap backwards for mankind.

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  1. So there we are trying our best to solve the world’s problems without any thought about negative consequences.
    I like your comment it is very thought provoking.

  2. As I age, one of the things I am realizing is that life’s rhythms are circular and self-balancing. If you squeeze hard in one place, something erupts in another. We don’t have the capacity to put a number to the flip side. Then we go scrambling to become heroes by solving another problem, created by us in the first place. And so on.

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