Technology Is Great, Except When It Is Not!

This day began with a bedroom filled with sunshine. When it is so bright one cannot sleep any more. The view through the window faked me out, it is still only forty degrees (F). I took my walk and loved the cold fresh air. After breakfast and reading a couple chapters of my book I sat down to my task list determined to focus and complete an important job. I am printing thank you certificates for a fellow Lion who asked for my help. It was ten o’clock and I figured it to be at most a two hour job. At this moment it is 1:15 p.m. and I have not printed a single certificate. Well, I did print one, but the job turned out streaky and missing colors. My focus shifted to cleaning print heads.

The standard HP print head cleaning process hasn’t worked, and I need to do some serious flushing for which I do not have the necessary equipment. Now the recommendation is to change out the cartridges, but I put new ones in a month ago, and don’t have any more. Although the machine is four years old and still functioning, that is, except for the color blue, it may be faster and cheaper to replace the device.

So much for time management and planning. When the supporting technology isn’t cooperating the schedule goes into the trash with the ten failed test pages. I ask myself, what did I do before the advent of computers and printers? I would have written twelve thank you notes and sent them to the individuals by mail. In the long run that might still be the best way to do it, but then the recipient wouldn’t have a nice framed certificate to hang on his office wall.