Dumb Luck, Or An Angel?

After two days of complaining about Apple and their inability to download an update without scrambling the brain in my computer the solution arrived. I had an understanding boss once who told me to go home and sleep on it, I thought he was nuts. Back then I was struggling to solve a product failure issue. We were selling stick-on clips that wouldn’t stick. I tried every trick I knew, and struck out with everything. I slept on it, and the next day I rushed to work to try an experiment that came to me in a dream. Luckily for me the experiment worked, and I was able to solve the problem. The same thing just happened to me with the idiotic brain scrambling in my Mac. Like most Eureka moments the fix was absolutely simple. Shut off the computer and re-boot in Safe Mode, a menu pops up giving choices for what to do next. Click on “reload the operating system”. This took several hours to do, but now the ugliness in the memory is gone. If only Alzheimer’s was that easy to fix.

However, if the computer was loaded with AI it would have known what to do on its own, and my brain could used it magical powers to send a more pleasurable erotic dream instead of a cheesy computer fix.

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  1. Restart. The time-tested solution for most Windows problems.

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