Mysterious Creature of WWW

During the last week my computer has been altered internally, and not by me. My entire file system has been lost. My picture files have disappeared. Everything, even the lower tool bar is not working properly. What, who, why?

It is my habit to organize photos by subject in order that I can find pictures quickly. Apple seems to think differently. Every time an update is downloaded the computer is different, and not always for the better. All my pictures are still in the drives, but I can’t access them because my file system is lost. Searching the internet supports the fact that this is not just my problem, therefore, I blame it on Apple. They employ thousands of people who are under the gun to make the computers better, but in their wisdom they screw things up. Guys like me were brought up on logic and order, and so have the Apple guys, but the difference is that their logic is not mine, and their idea of order is from another planet, or at least a few generations away from mine.

Like Microsoft, Apple income depends on getting people to buy their software. When they can’t sell me a new computer they revise the existing software and call it an upgrade. Millions of us take the bait, and the result is mayhem. I predict it will take the rest of my remaining life to get my files straightened out to a point where I will be able to understand how to use this damned stupid machine.

Thank you Apple. GRRRRRR.

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  1. Problems like this increasing. If I can’t stay current with doctors, banks, government, insurances, really dreadful consequences emerge. That stupid serenity prayer gets more obnoxious every day.

    • The serenity prayer falls apart on this matter.

  2. I have similar problems with Microsoft, good luck.

    • That doesn’t bode well for either company.

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