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The movement to convert the planet earth to green energy is being handled incorrectly. Currently the Administration is trying to bull it’s policies on the population with a leap into electric vehicles. If ever there has been a conspiracy it is the unified transition of automakers toward making only electric vehicles. This doesn’t seem like a good example of free market to me. In a true free market, automakers would build cars that people will buy and drive because that is what they want, not cars that the government has dictated to be made. If any policy put forward by the government was insane, it is this mindless shift toward electric vehicles. It is mindless because there is absolutely no thought being put into producing the electricity that will be demanded by these vehicles. I don’t see electric companies pledging to convert their power plants to non fossil fuels by 2035 as all the car companies have pledged to build only EV’s by then.

As always the government is last in trying to do something that will solve the problem, but as always it will be too late and too stupid. As I see it their only effort toward supplying green energy has been toward shutting off all forms of energy development within the USA. No new drilling, shut down coal plants, make gas too expensive to buy. Driving on the Interstate highway system should open the eyes of most people that are still alive and breathing. The lanes look like railroad trains with the exception they are made up of long chains of semi-trucks. Most of them diesel powered, and not very efficient. I suppose if I calculated the number of tons of cargo being carried and divided it by the total gallons of fuel being consumed I may be surprised to learn that these behemoth trucks are greener than cars. I said, “I may be surprised,” but I will place my bet on the opposite, i.e. that the trucks violate the meaning of “green.” Or maybe I should argue that the global economy breaks al the rules of green. Consider a cargos ship containing hundreds of containers being hauled across the oceans from country to country. These ships drink fossil fuel in gallons per second, and their numbers are scary large. Why don’t the Greenies move against them?

As I see it the green movement is a move backward. Greenies want us to live like the caveman who ate vegetation, walked to work, and slept in caves. Yet, at the same time the Greenies want to be able to talk to friends on hand held computers, watch entertaining videos all day long, and eat only pure food that grows naturally without the use of pesticides or chemical nutrients. They want to be mobile without using their own legs for travel, but any man made mechanism for locomotion must be pure so the air they breathe is clear. The one event that destroys this vision is when a volcano blows up and releases tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and burns millions of acres of forest that also release more poisons. But don’t worry, the Greenies will outlaw and regulate volcanoes to limit the green house gasses they emit.

My own vision for the future is that mankind will harness all the energy he needs from the sun, not the wind, not fossils, not from atoms, but the sun. The roof on my house is now littered with solar panels. It is the single thing that I can do to help move mankind into the future. At the same time, I am still dependent on getting power from the grid too. In order to make my home totally solar powered it will take a huge amount of money to expand the number of panels, and to add a storage battery. This is something I cannot afford to do and the payback is prohibitive. I don’t have that many years left.

While my house is more green than my transportation I feel that my car is as efficient as it can be, and there is no need for me to change over to an EV. Besides, I like the idea of being able to drive to my son’s house, a thousand miles from here, without having to look for a generator. Gasoline will not be in short supply for many years to come. I’ll pay the price for a gallon of gas to be able to travel. If Uncle Sam decides to create a gasoline shortage so that fools like me cannot use a car then I will not travel. Maybe when science invents a solar powered airplane I will change my mind. Until then I will drive as long as I am physically able.

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  1. Looks like the new game in town is “Who can create a more scary vision for the future” whether it is Covid-19 or Greenhouse gases, or whatever. Then bring the ‘herd’ effect into play and push thru what is called a ‘reform.’ Whither plain ol’ common sense???

    • Common Sense has never played a role in our modern political arena. They do know how to dream up scary scenarios, and then to blame them on the opposing party.

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