Time For Another Memorial

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and it is time to set some new goals. Number one on the list is to create a memorial for my second wife Peggy. It is time that the world learns about how beautiful she was. I can’t promise that it will be today, or tomorrow, but it will take place this winter.

Second on my list is to finish the workshop of my dreams.

Third is to design a new Intarsia pattern and to execute the work for display.

Fourth is to fill my garden with Whirligigs all happily spinning away in unison.

Fifth is to retire from retirement from the Frankfort Lions Club

Sixth is to love my family as much as I can.

Seventh is to beat the squirrel

Eighth is to blow up the Apple facility responsible for scrambling the contents of my iMac with their endless need for passwords and updates trying to make my desktop into an iPhone

Lastly, eight goals as lofty as those listed are enough for any man my age.

Happy New Year 2023!!!!

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  1. #8 is making me crazy too. I thought I was pretty 21st Century with my 10 year old computer and the limited things I do on line but with all the security protocols and mobile phone requirements with which I’ll never be able to operate I may as well be back in 1950 and trapped in a net of inability to manage all my affairs. I feel hopeless and helpless.

    • It seems we are going backwards instead of forward in life.

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