Absolute Power

My goal to read four books a month this year is nearing completion. I just finished reading Absolute Power by Daniel Baldacci as number 46. With two more to go It’ll be close. The weather here just turned nasty, and the daytime temperature is minus four degrees Farhrenheit with wind chills below -20 degrees. Not that that means I stop moving, but the world seems to slow down when it is cold. Our library closed because of yesterday’s snowstorm, and the upcoming Christmas holiday. Getting something to read is going to be difficult. Additionally, the weather has caused my internet service to slow down to zero. The only thing I can still watch is Youtube. My e-mail, news, and WordPress are all down, and I can’t even go online to ask them for help. Anyway, let me tell you about Absolute Power.

For sure, the best mystery story I read this year. Baldacci crafted a fiction that kept me, the reader, on the edge of my seat from page one through page 469. There was never a dull moment in this story. The characters were real, believable, and likeable, well, that is except for the two protagonists who were despicable. The fact that the plot revolves around a crooked President made it even better for me. I hate politicians and love conspiracy theories. This story is loaded with both. Many stories begin to finalize twenty pages from the end, Baldacci chose instead to take the mystery into the final pages, and I couldn’t tell how the culprits were going to be dealt with until the very last sentences.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves mystery stories, or to anyone who just loves a good story.  

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  1. I am a Baldacci fan too for many years.

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