Cat Lovers Beware

While scrolling thru Facebook I came across a piece titled “How to Wash a Cat.” I read it and liked it. In fact I laughed out loud when I did. Lovely’s grandson now lives with us, and part of the deal was to allow his cat to come with him. When I read this piece I immediately copied it for him. I thought he might like it too. Here are a few of the reactions to the piece:

“My cat is clean it never needs to be washed”

“How cruel.”

“Is this a joke?”

I was wrong. This incident has taught me that cat owners take their cats very seriously. I showed the piece to Lovely and got a similar reaction. In both cases they took the post literally, and found no humor in it.

I like the cat whose name is Katusha. Her breed has distinctive yellow eyes with vertically elliptic pupils and jet black fur. Her tail has a distinctive curve when she walks about. Even though I like her I also appreciate a good joke. Here is what I am talking about, maybe you can help me understand the matter.

2 Responses

  1. Washing a cat is easier than convincing democrats of the serious setbacks their policies are creating for the country.

  2. Sounds like a dog mauled by a cat

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