One would think that after sixty-five years of practice imbibing alcoholic beverages that one would know better than to wake up with a hangover, but I still don’t know. Yesterday we spent an enjoyable day on the farm with my son’s family, and my daughter came with her kids to make it a party. How it happened I can’t say, but after all the years of raising these beautiful kids they missed picking up my worst habit. They don’t drink, but I drink like a sailor on leave. My Dad taught me how when I was a toddler. I’ve never been stupid drunk, but I get enough that my entire body sends me a message a day later. Today is one of those days. Last night I slept like I was practicing for my wake, but all day I’ve been yawning like I need a serious nap.

Perhaps it was the alcohol combined with the walk in chilly, windy cold air through the pasture that went to my head. I would think two glasses of wine with a meal wouldn’t have a big effect, but something did. My energy level today is on empty. I need a charge (or maybe a drink?). It is almost wine time of day so it won’t be long before I begin to feel good again.

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