Robins, Daffodils, and Junco’s

A few days ago, my heart skipped a beat. I looked out the kitchen window and spotted a robin, the first sure sign of spring. Robins leave for the south-land during the winter months and return when it is warm enough to find food. A minute later, I spotted the green shoots of daffodils sprouting from the near frozen ground. Yessss! Spring is launched. Daffodils are one of the earliest flowers to bloom and they love cold weather. In fact, if the weather turns warm while they flower, the flower wilts and drops. As the day worn on, I began looking at the spots where I planted daffodils and yes, they were all poking their pointed green leaves though the surface.

Robin, worm eater
Daffodils waking from winter sleep

Two days later, as I sat reading at the morning table, it occurred to me that I have not seen a Junco in a long time. Junco’s are tiny birds who nest in Canada and migrate south in the winter. They consider Illinois south, not a very smart bird. The fact that I had not seen one lately means they are headed north for the summer.

Junco, butI call them Snowbirds

Three very positive signs that the long cold winter is coming to an end in the heartland. They can only be a harbinger of the work that is coming, cleaning dead leaves, digging beds, planting vegetable seeds. Then watering to watch nature explode into green goodness.

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  1. Love the daffodils but what a shame. Once they bloom they last three weeks at best and must wait another year.

    • They are lovely. I have several types scattered around the yard, big, mini, double, and std.

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