Frozen and Locked Out

My adventure yesterday was different from any I’ve had in recent times. I encountered a gremlin in the Death Star. I went to get something from the trunk and it wouldn’t open. Pushing the little black button on the tail light didn’t make anything happen, so I went to the dash board to push another button, nothing happened. Oh well, I’ll sleep on this one. I didn’t sleep, I went to Youtube and asked how to open a trunk without the key. Amazingly, a page full of video’s appeared. Many from Toyota experts. I had enough information to try the next day when it would be warmer and drier.

By mid-morning I was ready to open my trunk. I tried all the tricks I learned in the videos, but none of them worked. What next? I went on the prowl for tools that might help. I found a windshield ice scraper in the garage. That’s it, I thought to my self. I went outside and pushed the little black button on the tail light at the same time I had the scraper wedged into the trunkline space by the latch. I pushed the button and heard the latch cycle, at the same time I pried the trunk with the scrapper and wallah! the lid popped open. Nothing like a simple pry bar to break the ice seal that made the lid stick. I then found a dry rag to wipe down the seal around the trunk opening to help keep the lid from freezing shut again. I was happy again.

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