Day 7-Self Imposed Quarantine-Alone

Last year I was hooked on a program called “Alone”. This reality show put ten people into a wild area and miles apart from each other. They were equipped with only a few tools of their choosing. The idea was to see who would last the longest living off the land without any contact from the outside world. Each contestant had an emergency radio which he could use to call for for help, or to tap out. Each, had cameras to film and record every move they made. It was interesting to watch the various outdoorsman from all walks of life and all parts of the country pit themselves against nature. Those who lasted the longest were clearly superior mentally. Most could fend for themselves by hunting trapping, fishing, eating plants etc. but those who dropped out early did so because of the games they played with themselves mentally. The winners clearly possessed superior mental strength in addition to their survival skills.

Our battle against the COVID-19 virus has put us all into a similar position as the contestants of Alone. The formula for beating the virus it to outlast it by avoiding any contact with people who might be carrying it. So here we are all alone in our homes lacking social contact, and people to talk to. There is one big difference however, between my self exile and those who contend on Alone. I have a telephone by which I can speak to family and friends, and also text message. I also have a computer on my desk that I can use as a phone using FaceTime and see who I am speaking to. The contenders on Alone have nothing of this sort. They must amuse themselves, and fend for themselves in a wild environment. My environment is far from wild. I have more creature comforts than billions of people in the world yet I still have moments during my exile that make me feel alone, lonely, sad, listless. These are all head games that my own brain is using on me. Yesterday, as I folded my freshly washed clothes I came across a white sock without the typical gold toe and heel that I normally wear. Immediately, my mind told me this was one of Peg’s socks, and a rush of sadness overwhelmed me. Why? Clearly it was a moment of grief which I have not felt for some time, but it took over and Peg was on my mind the remainder of the day and night. Today, I seem to be okay, but yesterday grief invaded my brain and slammed me into the wall.

It will be interesting to see how the people of America and the world will fare against this virus during a stay in place situation.


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  1. It is an extraordinary situation. And, it feels that it gets worse before it starts to get better.

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