The Countdown Begins

Writing with regularity has to become a habit. This morning, I sit here before my computer with a great challenge. What topic shall I cover? So, taking the advice of my writing coach in college, I begin by writing non-sense. Eventually a topic will become evident. In the meantime I write only words.

The display I am working on for the weekend art mart is completed and standing in the garage waiting for me to disassemble for transport to the event. I sit here with a good case of jitter-shitters hoping I follow through with the project. I am told that performers get nervous before going on stage. They suddenly question their talents. They only have to walk on stage to overcome the fear. Once in place, they perform as well or better than their capabilities deem. Meanwhile I will complete a couple more steps I need before I step on stage. I lack simple things like a chair to sit on while waiting for customers, lookers, art aficionados, and critics to pass by and comment, or better yet to buy.

I have deliberately priced each piece of art very high for the simple reason that the price reflects what I believe the specific piece is worth. I have several favorites which are priced in the 3-5 thousand dollar range and nothing less than two hundred dollars. I have made the mistake of recording the time I spend on pieces and using a nominal rate of $15/hr the listed price is a bargain. What is more important to me than getting paid for my time it is getting recognition for the beauty, precision, craftsmanship, and artfulness of the work.

Time will tell whether I have begun a new life journey as an artist or whether I continue as I have for the past twenty years as an obscure producer of heirloom art destined to collect dust on the walls of my beautiful grandchildren.

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  1. Getting money for your creative output is, of course, a validation. However, I am finding that the satisfaction provided by creative output is not limited to getting money for it. As an example, I published two books several years back. Even today, seeing them on websites like Amazon and Flipkart gives me a high.

  2. Never price art by the hour of labor but by the majesty of the art. Are you using vice and coping saw to cut the pieces or a small desktop band saw ?

    • Thanks for that advice on pricing, I agree whole heartedly. I use a bench top scroll saw. I am not patient enough to use a coping saw. After cutting I fit the pieces by hand sanding and filing to make them fit precisely. Finally I shape them on a sanding wheel to give the work depth.

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