Free, Free, Free

Listening to the twenty-four candidates for president I hear the same proposals from most off them, free everything for all.

I have a couple of ideas for them.

1.) Send Social Security, Medicare, and food stamp payments to all residents of Mexico, and Central America. Why not? Think of all the problems we would head off by leaving these people in their own countries.
2.)  Annex each of these countries to the USA. They will get everything we get without moving from their utopian dictatorships. The biggest problem we would have is how to add that many new stars to the flag.

The more I think about the second one the better I like it. It solves the open border policy since they are merely state borders. We eliminate the cost of maintaining border patrol, immigration, ICE, and we get to tax the drug cartels out of business. All of these new people will be qualified for the draft thus allowing an expansion of the military. Since all of these folks screw daily and bear children freely, it solves our population problem. The elite of the populations that have jobs or other sources of income will add to the tax base and help reduce the deficit. The positives are endless.

The biggest benefit we will get from so many problems solved by annexation is we won’t need Congress for anything, and we can send them all home. The money saved by not having any more stupid expensive laws and regulations passed will put the country into the black.  Free trade agreements will be null since we are all the same. Canada be glad to disband the existing treaties since they don’t benefit that much from it.

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  1. You may have hit the nail on its head. An inordinate amount of effort energy and money is spent on protecting borders by the 190 odd countries and generally being aggressive to each other. Extending the logic further, have one global nation. I guess the UN was expected to do some of that but has fallen far short. perhaps time to seriously think about it. Only issue is that some existing arrangements are coming apart, like Brexit.

    • Ankur:
      Quite frankly I do not see any advantage to one global nation until such a time as we are commuting between galaxies. EU has a long way to go before it becomes unified as one nation. They have to assimilate too many cultures, languages, customs, colors etc. I see how difficult it is for migrants to assimilate into our country. They cling to their homeland and to the things they know. Migrants require one, two or more generations to meld into the new homeland. EU has done well with currency standardization, but after that I’m not sure what else.

  2. I would not vote for any of these creatures.

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