Laughable Debate


Last night’s presidential debate left me laughing my ass off. Why?  Because of all the stupid claims made by Hillary. I almost cried when she lamented that Obama does not get the credit he deserves for dealing with the economy. My thoughts are that he wanted the job bad enough to spend a billion dollars to get it. Now he wants credit for a 1% economy and 94,000,000 people out of work. He wants credit for adding to the unemployment by allowing too many immigrants to enter the illegally, thus flooding the job market and the social support systems. How about the big fuss over Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the results of the election no matter what. She had the balls to say that on the day that a major Democrat illegal voting scam was exposed. Again, she has conveniently forgotten the furor raised by Al Gore when he lost a close race with George Bush. I recall that the Supreme Court finally made the final decision months after the election was over.

The thing that got me the most is what tingled all seniors. Her defense of reforming Social Security and Medicare. The most preposterous statement was claiming that Obama Care is being shored up by Medicare. Oh yeah, that is because Obama stole 500 billion dollars from the Medicare fund to fuel the Obama Care system. On the subject of Social Security, the government always cries about the great cost. That is also a major joke. The Social Security system is funded by you the worker and your employer, not the government. What the Democrats like to forget is that in the days of yore they chose to put the money into the general fund so greedy politicians could spend it and rob it. The result is that Social Security is always operating in the red. Why? IOU’s won’t work like money. All the money has been spent by guess who? You guessed it, good old Uncle Sam. Now that the Boomers are retiring and looking forward to using THEIR money it isn’t there. How do they explain it? Well, those damn entitlements are driving us broke. By the way the term entitlements was invented by non other than good old Slick Willie Clinton. The truth is we are entitled to our money, are we not? The problem is that when spoken by a politician entitlement sounds dirty and pornographic. What is dirty and pornographic is the political theft of these funds for Democrat aggrandisement.

Hillary seemed speechless when Trump asked her why she hasn’t returned the millions of dollars of donations she has received from Arab nations that treat women like animals. The last time I heard os that type of treatment was during the days of slavery, when people justified their ownership of blacks because they were not human. There is no difference between past American slavery and women owned for the purpose of providing sexual pleasure to the men in the society.

The funniest part of the night came when Hillary blamed Russian leader Vladimir Putin for hacking her campaign leaders emails. In doing so she cleverly avoided answering any question about the damning contents of said e-mails. It seems Putin changed these thousands of e-mails to make her look bad.

Another claim was that Obama has cut the National Debt by two-thirds. If that is true why don’t we see the number as seven-trillion instead of the twenty-trillion. The only cuts Obama made came from a little trick in the law called sequester. He screwed up, and allowed the law to kick in. The result is that he is forced to cut the budgets of all departments by 10%. This is the way he has cut  the military so drastically.

How about rescuing the economy by rebuilding the infra-structure and inventing new jobs programs. Where did we spend two trillion dollars in stimulus money? By now, every bridge rework, road repair, sewer improvement, water system, and a first class electric grid should be in place. How many times has Obama spread his usualy BS about shovel ready jobs to improve infrastructure. The way she spoke about Obama only leads me to believe she will be an extension of him. Maybe he will occupy the Lincoln room in the White House as a live in consultant.

Hillary spoke somewhat smoothly for an hour and a half. All this proved to me is that she has been practising speaking political BS for thirty plus years. Her accomplished speaking ability should be transferred to narration of Michael Moore documentaries.

I am still laughing about the hypocrisy of this woman, yet I am trembling with fear that she may become the next leader of the greatest country in the world.

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