Who Needs Borders?


What would the world look like if there were no borders separating countries? The answer is a 2016 version of pre-historic times. That is, a world filled with people, buildings, roads, parks, plazas, and all things we cherish as necessary to live a full life with people roaming about killing, stealing, raping, and pillaging at will.

People would be able to wander freely from one place to another without passports or VISA’s. Why would they be necessary? Since there are no defined borders would there even be countries? How would the world be governed? Would we rely on the feckless United Nations to rule? How would we communicate? Languages would still be a means of separation. What about laws? Whose laws would we follow? How would economies be handled? No doubt, people would migrate from place to place for jobs, but would there be tariffs? Who would we pay taxes to? Would there even be taxes? If not, how would we pay for infra-structure and services like police and fire? Which police department would respond to a 911 call? What if your house was on fire, whose fire department would be called?

No, no, that’s not what we mean by open borders say the Progressives. We vision it to be more like Europe where there are open borders between countries, but the countries retain their right to govern their own country. Even the European Union has borders meaning that they had to draw a line somewhere. People within the United States, Canada, and Mexico can move freely between their own states and provinces even though the states have their own borders. At what point would someone moving from one country to another be expected to follow laws? Whose laws. Imagine a territory along the USA-Mexican border where citizens of each country melt across the border into each other’s territory but follow the laws of their own country while living in the neighboring country, and voting in each other’s elections.  Would police, if there were any, have to enforce the laws of two countries within this zone. How large would this melting-pot-zone be? Once the zone is defined we are back to borders again.

Those who are learned in World history will know that in the beginning when the dinosaurs and cave men roamed the earth there were no borders. Circumstances caused an evolution of people to collect in groups for the purpose of safety. Their language evolved into a unique way to communicate. As these groups wandered from place to place they began to realize that some of their neighbors had a better hunting ground, more water, or more shade, whatever, then began to raid each other to get the same for themselves. Pretty soon a leader emerged who decided he was above all his subjects and he defined a territory that was his. These ruled territories evolved into countries, and the leaders were called Kings.

North America was inhabited by Indians who had no defined borders, but there was always fighting between tribes over something. The result was they defended an area which was their turf. They had open borders, but they fought over hunting grounds regularly.

If Progressives continue to pursue an open border policy, it is my opinion that the USA should just annex Mexico and Canada to end all arguments about how to control the borders between us. We could mix the money and accept dollars, pesos, and looneys. Americans could  go to Canada for free health care, and poor Mexicans could come to the USA for free health care as they do now, except Canadians would still come to the USA to and pay for healthcare to get cured before the disease killed them. Rich Mexicans would get the same benefits they do now, but which they don’t share with the poor Mexicans.

Muslims entering this new borderless mega-country could set up their mosques in the deserts of the south where it as sandy and as hot as it is in their home countries. They would fit in well with the rattlesnakes and wild pigs roaming the area, and since many Mexicans still embrace Christianity, there would be plenty of infidels for them to convert.

Canada would still speak English with a funny accent, except for Quebec which will speak French. All road signs will be in four languages, English, Arabic, Mexican, and French. Speed limit signs will be in mph and kph; distance signs be in miles and kilometers.

Businesses will answer the phone with a directory of buttons to push in order to speak the language of your choice. Labels on food packages will be printed in multiple languages around the cans or on the sides of boxes. Bags will be printed flat and there will be a small space allowed for the product identification. Nutritional values will be listed in both US and metric units.

Schools will cease to teach history because no one will agree to learn about cultures other than their own. Teachers will lecture into a microphone and students will have ear-phones to hear the lecture in their home language. Each school will have the flags of all three countries. The pledge of allegiance will be to all three flags. Special sections in the gym and lunchroom will be designated for the gang you belong to. Students will all sport a school logo tattoo on their upper arm. When a kid transfers schools a large black x will be tattooed over the former logo and the new logo added above. School buses will be routed the same, except drivers will be required to speak all the languages spoken by the students.

If by now you haven’t figured out that I am being facetious, I am. Progressives do however take all this seriously and believe that the world can be ruled by a single leader whose initials will be BHO, or HRC.



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  2. It seems at some stage man realized that he could think and plan and was different from other animals. He realized that there was perhaps more to life than killing, avoiding being killed and eating. That led to the creation of structures and organisations. We are still suffering the aftermath of that realization 🙂

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