Obama Is Correct, Climate Change Is Biggest Threat, But Only Because Official IPCC Climate Science Is Completely Wrong

Scary shit, scarier even than the polar ice caps melting.

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  1. OK

  2. I’m a climate change believer and science seems sound but that aside we are certainly destroying the planet with industrial pollution in the air, soil and water. If the planet becomes uninhabitable all other issues don’t matter at all.

    • Carl:
      The climate changes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, but int is not due to men driving cars and rising in airplanes.Nor is it due to our power plants chugging out the electricity we have com etc depend on. Climate change comes from the universe and its affect on our tint spot of a planet being shot at with sun spots, x-rays, and galactic storms.
      Let us agree to disagree.

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