moslems and their quran

It is reported that Mohammed’s Last Will and Testament supersedes any edition of the Koran. In other words, Mohammed’s last words are the only ones that count. If I read this correctly a pious, holy, peaceful Muslim will only be such with another Muslim. The rest of us are only legitimate targets that get Muslims a free pass to heaven.

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  1. Does not sound like a religion of PEACE.

    • It is only a religion of peace for muslims. All other faiths are fair game to every conceivable method of human degradation, torture, and murder.

      • actually it is not even peace for them, for they are punished if they don;t do as instructed…what if they decided to take a day off and let us infidels go…*sigh* what a screwed up testament to a faith….

        I’m thinking their reward my be different from what was promised…

        Take Care Grumpa Joe…You Matter…

        • Muslims have no peace, only hatred for life.

        • kind of contradicts doesn’t it, they want their life, their ways, but the hate over runs inside them to die to take us out….

        • Its my opinion that there is Michael the good angel and Lucifer the bad angel. Most of the world follows Michaels lead, but the Muslims follow Lucifer.

      • Where in the Old or New Testament does it say, believe as I believe or be Killed?

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