Pens, Pens, Pens

I Have a Pen and A Phone

I Have a Pen and A Phone

In my dream the pens kept coming first a pen, then a bullet. Why does O need so damn many pens and bullets? He just keeps on buying more and more. He has enough bullets to slay the entire population of earth by now. The pens will come as soon as BIC designs a pen proper enough to destroy the country. Maybe some patriotic pen maker will make them to leak into O’s fancy shirt pocket. Wouldn’t that get a rise out of Michelle on laundry day.

The transformation is getting more clear. He is transforming the 535 down to one. The private sector refers to that as downsizing, or cleaning house. In this case he needs to downsize the departments to a size worthy of their need. Take the EPA for one. One Apple IIA  can do a better job.

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