Recurring Nightmare

Often I awake at night from a  recurring nightmare. I am leading the next American Revolution and I have thousands of people behind me. We march on Washington to get our message through and this happens . . .

Don’t believe for a moment that Uncle would allow another take over as happened in 1776. The man in power, no matter who, will respond the same way. Why? Because he can and he has the entire military behind him.

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  1. The “Bonus Army” was broken up by Douglas McArthur and his aide Dwight Eisenhower. One sad day in our history. It really showed how the government was paranoid about revolution caused by the misery of the Great Depression. There’s no doubt in my mind that another April 1775 would be brutally crushed today. Our government appears to me to be paranoid today as it was in the thirties. Revolution today would have to be non-military. That’s what an informed electorate could do at poling places. I just don’t know if such an animal exists anymore. What’s your opinion, Grumpa?

    • Uncle owns all the bullets but he still doesn’t own all the votes. The trouble is that Uncle has a lot of cash to buy votes with. It is going to take a super grass roots movement to make positive change happen.

  2. Grumpa, they never taught that in the Chicago Public Schools I attended. And you sure won’t see that in or on MSM. Chuck

    • I never heard of this incident until a friend sent me the link to the video. It sure isn’t an action a President could be very proud of.

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