Chasing Heat

I’m on the dark side again as I await the cable company to hook me up. Peg and I sit in the Valley of the Sun enjoying the sunshine . By tomorrow we will again come out of the darkness into the light. For once I don’t feel guilty about vacating the snow and cold. My aged body loves the warmth and despises the frigid arctic cold produced by aggressive usage of fossil fuels. Even the Death Star runs better in the warmth.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll make more sense when I’m using a full size key board and not this smart phone mini.

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  1. As I grow older, winter is losing it’s luster. If only I could find a warmer clime to escape to…

    • Common down for a short stay during the winter. I guarantee you will never be the same after.

      • Consider Central America, it seems to have avoided all the snow and cold. This year even deep south Texas and Florida have tasted the cold.

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