The View From The Kitchen Table

Nothing beats a February sunset. No matter which state you live in Mother Earth is awakening. She begins to show us her magnificent beauty. She seems to say, winter is nearing its end and I’m anxious to begin sprouting miracles from every nook and cranny I can find.

February days are a tad longer than grey dreary November and December, and those extra minutes seem all it takes to show us some color, especially if there are some low clouds hanging about.

This evening as Peggy and I mopped up the last drips of Marsala gravy from our plates this view appeared. It was our dessert.


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  1. Even though I am halfway across the world, and in the lower tropics, the same phenomena unfolds. The extra hours (or minutes) of sunlight make all the the difference. We start feeling the difference from the 3rd week of Jan or thereabouts.

    • That is amazing. You have to be close to the equator where the days don’t change much.

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