Why Do They Think That Way?

Old Way vs Progressive Way

Old Way vs Progressive Way

The argument for gun control is totally stupid and flies in the face of Liberals. Progressives by their title proclaim to be ahead of the rest of us. They embrace new technology with open arms until the companies that produce the products they love become successful, aka Apple.
When it comes to guns they argue that the hunter does not need large capacity magazines to shoot deer. So the modern advanced debaters become Neanderthal when it comes to armament. The same guys who can’t stop texting long enough to take a bath room break argue that I should make my kill with a single shot. Have you ever fired at a moving target? Instead the Progressive texters would rather we give up our liberty by denying our guns. I say this, when Progressives give up their Smart phones and their 40mpg hybrids, I’ll consider giving up my state of the art modern weapon for a more antique one. Forest Gump is genius compared to the nut jobs pushing to take away guns.
“Stupid is as stupid does.”


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  1. I wouldn’t argue that you don’t need an automatic weapon or an extended clip to go hunting. Rather I’d argue that just like fishing with dynamite, it’s not very sporting. That’s just me though.

    • Thanks for the insight. I would more agree that firing multiple shots at a a moving target may be more like using multiple hooks or poles while fishing. Dynamite in water is more lethal than ten bullets flying in a line through the woods.

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