You Did What?

“I cut the cable.”

“But, you’ve only been here for five minutes.”

“You wanted that stump removed didn’t you?”


“Stuff happens.”

I am now able to relate the experience of not having the internet and TV for 48 hours.

It sucks, if you have become addicted to blogging, and  listening to 24 hour news channels.

It is sublime, if  you want to meditate, communicate with your partner, or to get stuff done.

I survived, and I have to admit it wasn’t bad. I read, I worked on editing home movies, and cleaned my desk. Wow! I forgot I have a wood desktop.

Peggy and I  drove out to the country and watched a beautiful display of lightning, the best nature could offer. We planned another episode of Burning Gas.

So if you want some peace, and solitude, or just want to experience what life was like before modern communications came into existence, cut your cable, or you can read my book “Jun-e-or, Recollections of Life in the Nineteen Forties and Fifties.”

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  1. “cutting the cable” once in a while is a good idea

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