Fluffy White Stuff

Very often I begin to feel sorry for myself. My kids don’t call, the sun isn’t shining, I feel lousy, my waistline is growing, all I ever do is eat, nobody reads my Blog, you know the stuff that will get anyone into a frazzled downer. Then I get a photograph like the one below, and life changes. I get invigorated, I feel lucky, my joints don’t ache anymore, life is good again. What is it that makes me feel so good, well for one thing, I love to look at pretty snow scenes, but when I have to shovel I hate snow. When all I have to do is look at it I love it.

This scene in Saint Joseph, Michigan from Sunday, 10 February 2012, is what a lake effect snow looks like when Mother Nature dumps twenty-four inches of fluffy white stuff. I love it because it is there, if it were in my yard, I’d hate it.

This is what twenty-four inches of snow looks like. It's beautiful isn't it?

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  1. Grumpa, I lived in South Bend, IN. for 6 years. The winter of 1977-78 brought 210 inches of snow. All the roads were closed for 5 days and I can still remember what it was like. I agree that snow is beautiful to look at, but as I get older, pictures are better than the real thing. Chuck

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