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During the cold winter months it is nice to stay indoors and reminisce about the “good old days.”  I decided to share some stories about my childhood growing up in the nineteen fifties before TV, electronic games, computers, and all the stuff we spend our time with in the year twenty-twelve. Here is a typical activity that kept us amused so many years ago.


          A popular winter activity at school was an ice slide.  When a layer of fresh snow-covered the sidewalk, the conditions were right for sliding.  At recess, before the janitor could shovel, the boys rushed out to start sliding. The new snow was slippery.  After a few runs, the fresh snow turned into ice. Everyone lined up for a chance to take a running start and to hit the ice standing up.  As more kids did it, the slide kept getting longer and longer. The activity became a contest. Each of us wanted to slide past the end to make it longer.  Soon, we overcrowded the slide and  a long line formed so we didn’t get to slide often.  It wasn’t long before we  made a second and a third slide.  Occasionally, someone hit a dry spot, and fell. The slider went rolling in the snow, but never got hurt. Whenever we got out of school, the sliding began, recess, lunch, and after school. Running to hit the ice standing up was fun. We slid on the flats of our feet to the end of the ice. By the next day the janitor spread salt on the sidewalk to make it safe to walk on. The sliding stopped until the next snow.

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  1. And no one got a lawyer and sued. AMEN

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