Words that Sealed My Doom.

This morning started like a normal Thursday. It is the day, I drive the Death Star to the hair fixer with Miss Peggy in tow.

All was on schedule and then it happened?

“Do you think my hair is too long?”

One would think that at my age and with the number of years I have spent living with a spouse, that I would know better.

“You need a cut, color, and a perm” were the words that sealed my doom. It went downhill from there.

“You don’t like the way I look?”

“I care about how you look, I want you to look like you did when we got married.”

The trap door opened beneath my feet and I fell into the abyss. Ever since those fatal words were spoken, I have been shoveling furiously to get out of the hole. Looking at the bright side, it is sunny and a mild 53 degrees out today.

4 Responses

  1. LOL..reminds me of a funny conversation I saw in a movie once:
    actor1: “What are you looking at?”
    actor2: “Nothing.”
    actor1: “You calling me nothing?”
    actor2: “No”
    actor1: “You calling me a liar?”

    Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what you say, you’ve been targeted to get dumped on. Hang tough, and tomorrow, don’t comb your hair when you wake up…just walk around with “bed head” all day.

  2. Such a beautiful day for shoveling out of a hole. The smart thing is to get a BUZZ cut.

  3. Is this whole website in a time warp?

  4. Hmmm..for such a smart guy…you’d thing we men would learn by now that there are no good responses to some questions.

    Feign deafness…”Pardon me?” (Question comes again) “Don’t you like your hair? What’s wrong with it? You always have it colored, cut and styled so well. I wish I had hair like yours!” That might have gotten you off the hook, if your foot wasn’t already on it’s inexorable way to your mouth! Feet do that sort of thing to us. At least it’s sunny and warm for January! BTW, are you posting this in a time warp? Is it really 05/01/2012? The year’s going by even faster than I imagined! 🙂

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