A Dog Story To Move You

Red Dog

Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer via Flickr

My son recently brought me a DVD and told me to watch the film. The story called Red Dog  is about an Australian Cattle dog whose life intertwines within a super human-story.  The Kelpie (Red Dog) looks like a German Shepherd with the color of an Irish Setter. My hearing is for crap and I wished I had turned on the sub-titles because I had a hard time hearing the dialogue. The visuals were enough to tell me the story.

The locale is southwest Australia where there is little but sand, and kangaroos. A bunch of male characters live there at a salt mine. They are an unruly and wild bunch assembled from Italy, Slovakia, Russia, England and Australia. They are there to work the salt mine. The dog enters the story by hitching a ride with a couple coming to the town to open a tavern. Throughout the story, Red Dog hitches rides to wherever he wants to roam. Most notably he befriends everyone in the town and pulls the unruly bunch of men together into a cohesive team.

The story has a sad, yet beautiful ending that will bring a tear to the eye, and then a smile to your face. Red Dog is worth renting and watching. If you are hard of hearing, turn on the sub-titles the Australian accent mixed with all the ethnic dialects is hard to decipher.

A secondary character within the story is a protagonist cat that is nasty and hateful. The dog and cat get into a couple of hilarious skirmishes which eventually cause them to become fast friends. On the human side, Red Dog is a great love story between humans, and between humans and animals. Give it a watch, you won’t be sorry.

FIVE STARS-*-*-*-*-*

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